About Us

In year 1968, Mr P.K. Korwani started their business by the name of JYOTI RADIO opp. martindal bridge Station Road, Ajmer. Where they provides all kind of electronic products. From the begining of the business days they proved their name and all their customers were also very happy because of the quality and service Mr. P.K. Korwani provides in those days.

After the huge success of JYOTI RADIO, Mr. P.K. Korwani make up their mind to start a new showroom named as JYOTI ELECTRONIKS. So in year 1987 JYOTI ELECTROIKS is formed. In between these years Mr Harish Korwani son of Mr. P.K. Korwani also started giving his services from the year 1978. And Mr. Harish Korwani has a big hand in the formation of JYOTI ELECTRONIKS (Electronics).

After the successfull launch of JYOTI ELECTRONIKS (Electronics Showroom) Ajmer, Jyoti Group never turns back and started their big steps towards the No. 1 position in Electronic Market of Ajmer. And finally today JYOTI ELETRONIKS is the biggest showroom of Electronis in Ajmer. And their name is sufficient in Ajmer's Electronic Market.

Last but not the least, formation of JYOTI MARKETING takes place in year 1994. And after launch of JYOTI Marketing all the other competitors places far behind in the competition of electronic goods. Now Jyoti Group is No. 1 Electronic Showrooms chain in Ajmer.

Currently Mr. Harish Korwani managing all the work of JYOTI ELECTRONIKS and JYOTI RADIO. In JYOTI ELECTRONIKS Ajmer, complete range of products of Samsung and Gloob is provided. And in JYOTI RADIO, Videocon D2H services is provided.

And the work of JYOTI MARKETING is now managed by Mr. Harish Korwani and Mr. P.K. Korwani who is also the founder of Jyoti Group. At Jyoti Marketing all products of DIGI WORLD are provided.

RITURAJ ENTERPRISES is the latest venture of Jyoti Group in which number of brand products are provided. Rituraj Enterprises is the Distrubutor of Coca-Cola products (Thums up, Limca, Sprite, Fanta, Mitute Maid, Maza, Kinley Water, Kinley Soda) in Ajmer. Coca-Cola, One of the Leader Brand in Soft Drink industry is also in the vast product range of Rituraj Enterprises. Rituraj Enterprises other brand associations includes Godrej (EBO - Exclusive Brand Outlet), Sansui LEDs, Kelvinator (Regridgerator & Washing Machines), Milcent flour mill (Atta Chakki).